• Retina only Website Design

    > > > >I am looking to design a booking system which will be used on 13" MacBook pro retina screens only. My company already has these and I want to make use of the retina screen as much as I can. Can somebody please tell me what size photoshop or illustrator my document should be be...

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  • Creating your own font

    > > > >I wanted to start a thread about creating your own fotn for the website. I have found *REMOVED LINK*>and I've been thinking whether it's a good idea or not.>Definitely it is a lot of work. Probably I would have to hire someone who would help me with it.>The idea of having m...

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  • Design advice?

    > > > >I am in the process of making my site from scratch without any>CMS. The functionality of the site is quite good, of course things have to be done, but my main difficulty is the design of the site. I like the colors that I have, but overall I don't like very much how it looks.Co...

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  • How do you document your design/thought process?

    > > > >How do you document your design process? I don’t mean organizing files and naming conventions but the actual design decisions that you’ve made while working on a project.>When clients require new work on the websites/apps that I’ve been working on in the past, I need to study th...

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  • A-Frame WebVR(网页虚拟现实)快速开发入门教程


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