• svg grad_linear

    ... 时,创建水平渐变 当x1和x2相等,y1和y2不同时,创建垂直渐变 当y1和y2不同并且x1和x2也不同时,创建角度渐变(Angular gradients) 实例代码1 - 水平渐变 代码解释 <linearGradient> 标签的id属性定义渐变的唯一标识名称 <linearGradient> 标签的x1, x2, y1,y2属性定义渐 ...

  • svg reference

    ... gradient. Linear gradients fill the object by using a vector, and can be defined as horizontal, vertical or angular gradients. id="the unique id used to reference this pattern. Required to reference it" gradientUnits=" ...


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