• HTML5 And Canvas 2D Specs Are Now Feature Complete, First HTML 5.1 Working Draft Published

    We’ve been writing about HTML5 for quite a while, but, until today, the actual HTML5 specs and standards were still moving targets. Now, however, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has announced that the specifications for HTML5 and Canvas 2D are finally feature complete. This, the W3C notes, mean...

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  • 踏得网精选2016年度10大最佳HTML5动画

    踏得网精选2016年度最酷最新的HTML5动画集,评选标准为:创意新颖度+实现技术难度+趣味程度。使用一些在线H5生成工具的作品,因其主要使用图片和CSS3套路动画,千人一面乏善可陈,不入该列。所涉及技术主要是:HTML5/CSS3/SVG/WebGL(Three.js)/ES6(BabelJS)。TOP10: 镜花水月使用SVG>turbulence 滤镜实现的动画特效

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